How much will an Autoremedy franchise cost?

All franchises will require an initial upfront investment from the franchisee, this will cover the following;

  • Business Workshop.
  • CRM System.
  • Recruitment.
  • Territory analysis.
  • Pre Launch Pack.
  • Operations Manual.
  • Essential Equipment.
  • Uniform.
  • Rights to trade exclusively in your area.

Our franchise fee is fixed at £9999 + VAT.

We have strong connections within the banking sector so depending on individual circumstances you may only require as little as £3000 + VAT of your own funds.

Business Workshop

This will cover all essential skills needed for you to successfully operate your business, it will include topics such as marketing, advertising, invoicing, book-keeping, quoting, ethos, equipment and much more. Overnight hotel stay is included in the workshop.

CRM System

You will be fully set up on our customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platform, this will enable you to keep a good track of your customers and deal with the booking/invoicing side of your business much more effectively.


For every franchisee we bring on board we have to spend thousands on outbound marketing and recruitment fees. This applies to this section.

Territory Analysis

During your training we will engage in territory analysis for your exclusive area, taking into account local populations statistics and local business’ that we can target. We find having a well prepared plan pays off 10 fold during your launch.

Pre Launch Pack

This pack will be essential to your pre launch marketing and will include all you need to be successful. Includes items such as business cards, leaflets, promotional material, loyalty cards, territory maps, SEO and adwords.

Operations Manual

This will be one of the most important documents you will receive as part of your franchise set up. It will detail highly confidential information regards Autoremedy such as how the business should be ran, key suppliers, key contact, equipment list, templates and much more. You will likely refer to the operations manual many times during the course of running your business.

Rights to trade exclusively in your area

What is says on the tin. We will grant you exclusive rights to trade under the Autoremedy brand in your area. This means you can grow your business and generate your own client base with the knowledge that they will forever be yours for as long as you stay with Autoremedy. No other franchisee will be allowed to trade in your area and should they do so, they would be penalised.

Our team is available 5 days a week, Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM.