Clutch replacement at your home or place of work.

What is a clutch?

A clutch is a solid disk that couples up the crankshaft and flywheel to the gearbox. It is located between the engine and transmission.

Effectively the clutch is what allows you to change gears. A clutch disk will press up against the flywheel via a pressure plate when engaged, when the clutch is disengaged it will no longer press up against the flywheel, therefore allowing a gear change to be made.

What's included in a clutch replacement?

Procedures will vary depending on engine design but generally the procedure is as follows:

  • Mechanic will test the clutch for issues such as slipping.
  • Accessories around the engine such as the air filter assembly, engine under tray and  linkages will be removed.
  • The gearbox will be separated form the engine.
  • The old clutch plate, cover and release bearing will be removed.
  • At this point if the flywheel needs replacing then the old flywheel will be removed, otherwise it will be resurfaced.
  • New clutch plate, cover and release bearing will be fitted.
  • The engine and the gearbox will be rejoined.
  • Accessories will be re installed.
  • Mechanic will retest the new clutch with a test drive.

How to diagnose a clutch issue

Clutch Slipping:

This is most noticeable when you press down the clutch pedal and it doesn’t take a lot of effort at all to disengage the clutch

Burning Smell:

This could very well be the surface of your clutch plate, the smell is a strong one and fairly obvious.

RPM’s are too high:

If you have noticed your engine revving higher than usual then this could be a sign of a faulty clutch. Park the car, put into second gear and see if the car stalls or the revs increase, if the revs increase then this is a sure sign of clutch slipping.

Lack of power:

If after you have engaged a gear the car takes longer than usual to get up to speed this could be that the clutch is not delivering enough power  to drive the wheel via the transmission.

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