Interim Service at your home or place of work.

What is an interim service?

An interim service is the most basic level of car service. The oil and oil filter will be changed, some additional safety checks will be made and some moving parts will be lubricated. The checks will be centred around the horn, lights, brakes, fluid levels, exhaust, tyres and searching for any fluid leaks in the car.

It is designed for high mileage drivers who are covering 15000 miles or more a year.

An interim service should be carried out every 5000 miles or every 6 months.

We can carry out your interim service in line with your manufacturers specifications.

Autoremedy did my interim service in less than an hour last week, I didn't even have to leave my office as they came and collected the keys! 5 Stars.

Peter FranksAudi A4 owner.

What's included in an interim service?

Click below to see our Interim Service Checklist.

Interim Service Checklist
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