Spark plug replacement at your home or place of work.

What are spark plugs?

Spark plugs are one of the key parts of your vehicle’s ignition framework. They ignite fuel and air within your motor.The spark plug takes high voltage power from the ignition coil and makes an electrical spark at a perfectly timed moment during the motor’s combustion cycle. This gives the motor the best blend of power, mileage and emission control. Be that as it may, the terminal toward the finish of the spark plug fitting in the end wears out and can cause execution issues.

What's included in a spark plug replacement?

  • Technician will read the ECU via the vehicles OBD port for conceivable issue codes identified with the ignition circuit.
  • Technician will review the ignition circuit and spark plugs themselves.
  • Technician will utilise a spark plug tester to check each plug in detail.
  • On the off chance that vital, the technician will run a compression test on each cylinder.
  • In the event that essential, the technician will swap out the flawed spark plug(s).
  • Technician will confirm if other parts should be replaced at this time.
  • Technician will check if the ignition circuit works effectively again and will test drive the vehicle.
  • Technician will make any changes if vital.

How to diagnose a spark plug issue.

Starting the vehicle is tricky/takes longer than usual.

At the point when the engine cuts out frequently after starting.

At the point when the engine doesn’t run easily (misfiring).

At the point when the vehicle vibrates unnecessarily.

When the ‘Check Engine’ light on the vehicle’s dashboard is illuminated.

At the point when the vehicle’s fuel consumption is higher than normal.

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