We’re providing a fast, easier and fairer alternative to getting your vehicle repaired. Join us in building a service that improves the vehicle repair experience for all.

Why join AutoRemedy?

We’re aiming to be the UK’s no.1 go to service for vehicle repairs. We want to make the entire process easier, fairer and hassle free. If this sounds like something you can be part off then get in touch!


We understand that work can be stressful at times! That’s why we offer 6 weeks paid holiday as standard.


Money can be a worry even at the best of times! All of our openings are full time, employed contracts, leaving you safe in the knowledge of a guaranteed income at the end of the month.


If you are a mechanic your location will be different every day, that’s the beauty of this job! If you work with us in the office, we have a fresh, clean, fully serviced office in Peterborough, just a short drive from local restaurants, coffee shops, gyms and bars.

Current Openings

Customer Service Advisor

Mechanic (Peterborough)

Mechanic (Kettering)

Mechanic (Cambridge)

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Our team is available 5 days a week, Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM.