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What is a service?

A vehicle service is a progression of vehicle upkeep checks and tests after a specific mileage, or foreordained period of time, to ensure that your vehicle is working proficiently.

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What's included in a service

Interim Service
Full Service

When should I have my car serviced?

As a driver you may ponder, “when is my vehicle service due?”. As a standard guideline, vehicle makers suggest that drivers should service their vehicle at regular intervals or each 12,000 miles – whichever arrive first – relying upon what sort of service you require. You will likewise get a stamp or mark in your service book to demonstrate that the vehicle has been appropriately kept up to date.

How much could a service cost?

It very much depends on the car, however you can expect to pay the following prices.

Interim Service:

Between £110 – £150

Full Service:

Between £140 – £240

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