Hunter 3D Wheel Alignment

For picture perfect alignment

Four digital cameras provide continuous alignment measuring

Benefits of wheel alignment

Longer Lasting Tyres

Misalignment may lead to premature and uneven tire wear. If you wait to get a wheel alignment until it’s too late, you’ll find yourself buying new tyres more often. You can check your tyres to see if they show any signs of these three types of uneven or premature tire wear:

  • Feathering: Tires become “feathered” when the tread is smooth or worn down on one side and sharp on the other. This type of tire wear occurs when there’s a combination of improper alignment settings.
  • Camber wear: Is the inside or outside edge of your tire tread looking much more worn than the center of the tread? It could be due to camber wear.
  • Heel and toe wear: Picture your tire treads, then zoom in. Those individual sections are called tire “tread blocks.” When one side of a tread block appears to be wearing down faster than the other in your tire’s rolling direction, it’s called heel and toe wear.

Smoother Ride

When your tires are out of alignment, your vehicle tends to pull excessively to the left or right leading to a jarring, bumpy, or even vibration-filled ride.

Improved Steering

If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, it’s harder to steer. You may even find yourself holding the steering wheel at an angle just to drive the car straight, or even veering from side to side. Proper wheel alignment means you’re able to steer clear of those problems and maintain control of your car.

Fuel Efficiency

Misalignment can decrease fuel consumption by up to 10%. Instead of rolling freely, misaligned tyres cause excess and unnecessary drag. That means if your tyres aren’t adjusted properly, you could be spending more money on fuel. A wheel alignment will help you conserve fuel and fill up less often.

Save money on repairs

If your tires are misaligned, a little jolt could lead to big problems. Hitting a pothole, for example, can cause  damage to your tyres and suspension system with a bad alignment. Spending a small amount of money on a wheel alignment can prevent you from shelling out down the road

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Wheel alignment ensures the three main angles which should be properly aligned are: the Camber, the Toe and the Caster.
We recommend getting your wheel alignment checked once a year or every 10,000 miles, if you've had a knock, hit a kerb or been involved in a minor accident we would recommend getting your alignment does ASAP. These types of events can cause a misalignment quite quickly
Over time the cumulative effect of potholes, kerbs and knocks that come from everyday use can push your wheels out of alignment, and they'll need recalbrating.
Our two wheel alignment is £43.20 + vat and our four wheel alignment is £72.00 + vat.
It depends on the number of adjustments we need to make and how out of alignment your wheels are, but on average, a two wheel alignment will take 15-30 minutes and a 4 wheel alignment 30-60 minutes.
Yes absolutely! We have a comfortable Wifi enabled waiting room for you to wait in while we carry out your alignment.
Yes, we use the Hunter DSP 600 Laser Aligner which is the choice of many leading car manufacturers and dealerships.
The Scissor lift we use, was designed to work with the Hunter system, ensuring accuracy and the safety of your vehicle.
Yes, one advantage of the DSP 600 is that it will take an initial measurement and log in in the system, we'll then complete all necessary adjustments and upon completion you'll be provided with a print out of before vs after.
Its best to book to avoid disappointment, you can book online and choose a slot to suit you. Give us a call if you are in a rush.

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