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What is an shock absorber?

shock absorbers are connected to the vehicle body and suspension parts. They are utilised to null out ground vibration, giving a smooth ride. Most new vehicles and trucks generally have shock absorbers at all four wheels.

Shock absorbers are essentially tube shaped holders loaded up with gas or fluid. They are mounted from the suspension to vehicle frame. When you drive over a knock, the cylinders inside the shock absorbers push and contract against the fluid or gas.

Shock absorbers undergo a huge amount of stress, particularly on rough streets. The gas or fluid will in the long run spill, bringing about a shaky or rough ride. With worn shock absorbers, it is conceivable that the tires could lose contact with the street as well as erode earlier than expected.

What's included in an shock absorber replacement?

Procedures will vary depending on engine design but generally the procedure is as follows:

  • The technician will test drive the vehicle to evaluate the mos likely reason for the issue.
  • The technician will investigate the suspension framework and shock absorbers in detail.
  • In the event that vital, the technician will replace the well used or broken shock absorber.
  • The technician will prompt if different segments should also be replaced.
  • The technician will check the suspension again and test drive the vehicle.
  • In the event that fundamental, the technician will make changes and adjustments.

How to diagnose an shock absorber issue

Bouncy ride

At the point when the vehicle carries on bouncing up and down after going over a bump, pothole or similar.

Unsteady driving

At the point when the vehicle feels flimsy or unsteady through corners.

Suspension feel firmer

At the point when the effect of going over mounds is harder than usual.


At the point when there is a puddle of oil-like liquid underneath the vehicle close to a wheel.


At the point when the tires put some distance between the ground after a shock absorption.

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